Modern Marketing

Marketing in the 21st century is remarkably different than ever before.  SFB understands that your needs are unique and may be complex.  And by looking at each step of the process together, we will better understand your challenges to maximize your opportunities.

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Modern 4p Marketing

Contemporary marketing includes four basic categories that are foundational for a go-to-market value proposition, for both the overall brand and the related offerings.  Effective management of these factors, when aligned properly with target audiences, will produce powerful high-demand solutions.
Comprehensive planning is essential.  Understand the market, identify your targets and create a strategy to drive success.
Know what the market wants, and build that an offering that helps your customers be successful.  Whether tangible products or professional services, your solutions must be aligned to satisfy customer needs and ensure your success.
Understand where your audience exists and deliver coordinated impressions to drive awareness, consideration, adoption and usage.  Maximize your resources across multiple channels to ensure the broadest coverage to your targets.
Your resources are valuable and need to be managed effectively.  For peace-of-mind, track results, understand outcomes, and make adjustments.

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Your Marketing Needs

From strategy to execution to analysis, a robust marketing approach is the key to your success.
Below are areas where SFB can help you become SMARTER | FASTER | BETTER.


Talk to your targets. In-depth interviews with clients, prospects, focus groups, data analysis and much more


Isolate distinct prospect and client audiences to understand distinct characteristics and provide specific solutions


Define the foundation of why you exist and how you align with the market … much more than a logo or design


Create compelling and desirable solutions that will attract customers


The visual interpretation and delivery of your brand value proposition


A coordinated, comprehensive approach to promoting your solutions through multiple channels


The 21st century default method of communication.  Promotion starts with effective email campaigns.


Your storefront.  Your business.  You are only as good as your website in today’s marketplace.


Social media must be an integral part of your marketing efforts.  LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much more.


The final piece to a robust marketing program.  Understand your results and refine your plans to maximize your opportunities.