Let's Open A Can on the Competition

“Opening a can of whoop-ass” is sometimes mentioned as a good-humored threat of physical harm.  Fans of professional wrestling will recognize this slang made popular by Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Of course, we never promote, suggest or even imply physical or mental harm to anyone.  But in business, it’s important to recognize that your solutions have to be better than the competition.  And that means that you have to out-maneuver and out-smart your competitors.  That’s a far cry from suggesting harm to someone or another group, but a relentless focus on greatness sometimes will come at the expense of others.


If you’re ready to “open a can” on your competition, it starts with the right strategy and the right positioning in the market.  You need to make Smarter decisions and reduce the guesswork.  You need Faster growth to capture market share.  And you need Better results to keep moving forward.


You need SFB IDEAS.  And we’re here to help.  For your marketing and many other things.  We can help you “open a can” and unleash the power of your solution.

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SFB IDEAS - Innovative Marketing Solutions
SFB IDEAS - Innovative Marketing Solutions