Many business activities are often discussed, but sometimes don’t get past the conference room table.  It’s easy to sit around and contemplate “your next step”, but when it’s time to put thoughts into action, well, it can be challenging.

Why is that? Some might say it’s lack of desire … or interest … in rolling up your sleeves and making it happen.  Others might argue that “I’m not sure where to go or what to do”.  Still others say, “I can’t afford to make a mistake”.

Marketing can fall into this category.  Businesses want more sales … more revenue.  But unless you’ve created the next iPhone or have a cure for an incurable disease, you have to do things … and work hard … to set yourself apart.  That’s where marketing comes in to play.  Create a message … a REAL story … that inspires people … that triggers an emotion (ideally a positive emotion).  But you have to start.  You have to do something.

Being afraid to start can delay your inherent greatness.  Being slow to move will find you looking at the backside of the leader.  Being scared of making a “bad decision” will accelerate your demise.  Now more than ever, pick a path based on some level of insights, and move forward.  So, what if it’s not the perfect path.  In the age of instant information, you can refine and relaunch, and some may not even notice.  But doing something is much better than “thinking about it”.

With your business … in marketing … you have to move.  Start something … today.