For over 10 years, Cooltrax singular focus has been on providing real-time temperature monitoring of temperature sensitive products as they travel through the entire cold chain. In addition, we offer better management and utilization of cold chain assets. Our unique farm-to-fork solution delivers a comprehensive benefits and customer satisfaction by extending product shelf life, improving fuel and energy savings through better refrigeration asset management, and increasing transparency throughout the cold chain to satisfy internal and regulatory requirements.

The patented Cooltrax system brings together “state-of-the-art” RFID technology and Internet-based tracking and monitoring software that confirms the physical condition (via temperature) and the location of products through their cold chanin journey.

Cooltrax now makes it possible to monitor the temperature of refrigerated trucks, shipping containers, cool-rooms and domestic or export consignments from anywhere in the world at any time giving organizations unparalleled control over mobile assets and 24/7 monitoring to assist in the prevention of key issues such as the global threat of bio-terrorism.

Cooltrax is a global provider with locations in Australia (Melbourne) and the USA (Atlanta and Boston).


SFB led marketing for the U.S. division of this Australian-based company, which included:

  • Market assessment
  • Competitive review
  • Brand platform development
  • Creative strategy
  • Updated online presence
  • Events management
  • Campaign strategies and execution