Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) is a showcase of international cinema that broadly explores themes of identity, history and culture. The annual festival was founded in the year 2000 by the Atlanta Regional Office of American Jewish Committee (AJC), a global advocacy organization that enhances the wellbeing of the Jewish people and Israel through education, outreach and diplomacy. Through the power and shared experience of cinematic storytelling, AJC and AJFF foster stronger bonds within the Jewish community, and intergroup relations with Atlanta’s diverse cultural, ethnic and religious communities.


SFB was selected in a competitive bid process to provide the foundational design and key artwork for the 2022 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. Our team collaborated with the AJFF through a creative design and review process, ultimately landing on key art deployed across multiple mediums from digital to print and large outdoor. Our efforts included:

  • Market assessment
  • Competitive review
  • Creative design
  • Digital asset production