Virtually Better

Virtually Better (VBI) grew from the collaborative research of our founders and today is a team of psychologists and technologists who are dedicated to advancing the state of the art in behavioral healthcare. SFB refined and expanded the overall brand platform which led to an updated online presence and numerous tactical demand generation campaigns. Key activities included corporate strategic planning, market assessment, competitive review, brand platform development, creative design, website updates, social channel management and more.

Curant Health

Curant Health is a medication care management and specialty pharmacy company based in Atlanta, Georgia. SFB led a revamp of the primary website for Curant Health, which included insights, competitive review, design planning, website development, hosting and maintenance and more.

Beery Friedman Cummings

The Calahan | Friedman team of Dorsey Alston had tremendous success, and expanded to become Beery | Friedman | Cummings, which has since become one of the top residential teams in metro Atlanta. SFB launched the brand platform, inclusive of messaging strategy and visual identity and aligned with the master brand. Key activities included brand strategy,visual identity, social execution, online presence direct response campaigns and more.

Angel Oak

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions offers non-qm and specialized mortgage solutions for brokers throughout the country. SFB resources helped expand brand positioning which included market assessment, competitive review, brand platform development, messaging architecture and more.

Ansley Communications Group

ACG architects and delivers state of the art technologies for IT, Security, and Telecommunications. SFB established a baseline to develop the brand strategy through work performed in a company valuation, including corporate strategic planning, market assessment, competitive review, company valuation, brand platform development and more.

AGRO Merchants Group

AGRO Merchants Group operates over 7.5 million cubic meters of temperature-controlled warehouse and distribution space in the U.S, UK, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Chile and the Netherlands. SFB resources led a variety of marketing functions, including corporate strategic planning, press releases, brand platform development, creative execution, updated online presence, events management, campaign strategies and execution.

Northside Youth Organization

For over 65 years, the Northside Youth Organization (NYO) has fostered the growth and development of young athletes as part of the North Atlanta community. SFB resources actively participate with the football program, including market assessment, competitive review, acquisition strategy and execution, league leadership and more.

Atlanta Public Schools

Atlanta Public Schools is organized into nine high school clusters with distinct feeder patterns. SFB resources created an insights platform for an APS elementary school, which helped school administrators build a communications program inclusive of content, frequency, format and channels. Key activities included market assessment, competitive review, primary research, results interpretation, program recommendations and more.


MasterCard takes an innovative, value-driven approach to the solutions we create and services we offer, making transactions faster, easier, and more convenient and secure. SFB resources led an insights engagement focused on understanding media consumption of target audiences to drive content development and distribution for an operating entity. Key activities included market assessment, competitive review, secondary research, data analysis, program recommendations and more.

Freedom Partners

Freedom Partners, its members, and other supporters are dedicated to protecting freedom and expanding opportunity for every American. SFB resources led a brand platform development engagement for a Freedom Partners organization, which included market assessment, competitive review, brand platform development, marketing organizational alignment, campaign strategy planning and more.