Calahan Friedman

Susan Calahan joined with long time friend, Geoff Friedman, to form the Calahan | Friedman. With over 45 years of real estate experience between the two of them, Geoff and Susan make a perfect team. SFB launched the brand platform inclusive of messaging strategy and visual identity and aligned with the master brand. Key activities included brand strategy, visual identity, social execution, online presence, direct response campaigns and more. is a multi-media platform including online, TV, and radio in the metropolitan markets of Atlanta, Nashville, Tampa, Birmingham, and Dallas Fort Worth. SFB led the effort to expand from one market to five markets, including key activities of market strategy, media management (planning/negotiating/buying/measurement), creative design, production guidance, business development, partnership management and more.

Transaction Services

Transaction Services provides payment processing and offers innovative and effective solutions for managing business operations while maintaining the highest level of data security. SFB refined the marketing strategy and tactics, including value proposition, brand definition, tactical promotional campaigns, events management, digital presence and more.